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A Cruising Concepts teak yacht table is guaranteed to add to the splendor of any sailboat or yacht, and nothing can beat an inlaid teak design for beauty, quality, and appeal.  Add an inlay design to make your Cruising Concepts custom made Teak Boat table one of a kind.
All of our yacht tables come standard with pneumatic aluminum legs in single or dual pedestal designs.  The yacht table base is crafted from teak to match the table’s color and shape.  When requested we can also design teak legs, or fit the tables to attach directly to the main mast or the transom



Pushing our crafting skill and the capacity of our teak products always yields the most stunning results and it’s a thrill for us to work on a customer’s inlaid design requests.  Our specialty is the compass rose, which we can design for central prominence or as accouterments for other art pieces.  We’ve done a wide variety of maritime-themed designs; all made using the same teak wood.  


Our teak tables allow us to use colored inlays from purple heart (burgundy) and/or dark walnut and maple bringing the inlaid art to life while preserving the table’s tone.  All of our designs are plotted and outlined using digital drawing and machine-crafting, guaranteeing precision for every carved line.

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We also carry our skill at teak crafting into designing table pedestals.  By customer request Cruising Concepts can design full teak pedestals for interior cockpit tables.  These pedestals do not include pneumatic properties, but are durable and precisely crafted to match the table aesthetics.  


Cruising Concepts is proud to make sure every aspect of your teak table satisfies you in design, usability, and convenience, and we’ll make sure each component is perfectly built and implemented.